Democratic Governance

We facilitate communities living in poverty and exclusion to realise their rights to just and
democratic governance with a focus on Gender Responsive Public Services (GRPS).

We envision just and democratic governance at both county and national levels, and a country where citizens hold the counties accountable for their access to gender-responsive public services.

Accountability in governance is necessary if we are to realise development and democracy at both national and county levels. We engage with communities living in poverty and exclusion to make counties accountable for Gender Responsive Public Services(basic education, primary healthcare and water).

We do this by strengthening the capacity of women living in poverty and exclusion, their institutions and solidarity groups to participate in planning, budgeting and other governance processes at both county and national level. We mobilise them to demand the integration of Community Led Participatory Change Plans in the County Integrated Development Plans.

To influence accountable governance at county and national levels, we mobilise the communities living in poverty to participate in social audits to demand access to information anchored on the right to information.

Working with these communities, we work to generate evidence on tax leakage and corruption for mobilising social movements to challenge corrupt practices. Building on this. We strengthen the capacity of policymakers at County and National levels to appreciate the sealing of tax leakages and the resultant allocation and effective utilisation of the raised revenue for the realisation of Human Rights.