We empower young women and men living in poverty and exclusion to engage
in the advancement of productive employment.

In Kenya, every nine out of 10 unemployed persons are below the age of 35 years. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the largest unemployment rate is in the age cohort 20–24, at 19.2%. This paints the picture of a ticking time bomb as unemployment brings about the frustration that makes these youth susceptible to engaging in illegalities such as drug abuse and even being lured into terrorism.

In recognition of the pivotal role Kenyan youth have to play in the eradication of poverty; we are working to facilitate their access to employment by mobilizing young wo/men and their institutions to demand improved work environment for young wo/men in the informal sector. We support youth networks to hold government, employers and private sector accountable to the implementation of legal provisions on labour laws, youth employment, decent work and access to credit.

Working with the Global Platforms in Kenya, we use digital learning as a connector and platform for building movements to facilitate popular education, political participation and de-radicalisation for young wo/men living in poverty and exclusion.

The youth collectives we are engaging with, model innovative entrepreneurship and public-private initiatives. Our flagship project is the SGD-Ambassadors Programme.