Digitizing Child Sponsorship Communications

Child Sponsorship has been one of our key strategies in implementing our program interventions in 6 Local Rights Programs (LRPs) with support from our funding affiliates in the UK, Ireland, Greece, and Italy. The LRPs are Marafa (Kilifi), Makima (Embu County, Nyokal (Homabay), Elangatawuas (Kajiado), Kathonzweni (Makueni) and Nyakach (Kisumu). Through Child Sponsorship, ActionAid International Kenya (AAIK) receives regular giving to support the Local Rights programs. This has enabled support for our work in communities and ensured alignment to our work in development towards a world without poverty and injustice.

Fundraising Coordinator Hannah Munyao takes the participants through the mobile app operation.

To ensure effective child sponsorship communication, AAIK organized a 4-day TOT workshop in Malindi, Kenya, to train 12 Community Resource persons and 6 Local Rights Program staff to introduce the Sahakom Mobile App. Sahakom Mobile App is a cutting-edge mobile application developed by ActionAid. It’s a real-time update platform that enables content collection and sharing with funding affiliates and facilitates sponsor communication, enabling a visual and interactive experience. The training enabled all participants to log on to their TEST accounts and carry out all the exercises linked to the application. A visit to Garashi Primary School provided an opportunity to put the exercises into practice with children. Children are ambassadors to their communities.

Evelyne Kaswili conducts the mobile app Test at Garashi Primary School in Marafa Kilifi County.

Donor communications play a pivotal role in building awareness amongst the supporters about the struggles of local people and the approach AAIK is taking to rebalance power and bring long-term sustainable change. By utilizing this powerful tool, we aim to create a meaningful and sustainable impact in the lives of children, empowering them to build a brighter future.

Author: Hannah Munyao (Fundraising Coordinator, ActionAid Kenya). Edited by Ezra Kiriago (Communications Coordinator ActionAid Kenya)

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