Inspiring Shift in Baringo County: The Mukutanii Women’s Movement Against Insecurity

Inspiring Shift in Baringo County: The Mukutanii Women’s Movement Against Insecurity  

In the heart of Baringo County, a powerful change is underway, thanks to the courageous women of Mukutanii. Faced with recurrent cycles of insecurity flareups fueled by cattle rustling, these resilient mothers are redefining the future for their sons and community. 

Joan Kasotot standing beside the shelter that housed her and her children in 2022 in Kitailel

The Lopoin Women Group, led by the inspirational Joan Chemokos Kasotot, have taken a stand to end insecurity. They are not just passive observers but active peacemakers and nation-builders. Through counseling and guidance, they are dissuading their sons from falling into the pitfalls of violence and turning their eyes towards education and sustainable economic opportunities. 

Empowered by training from ActionAid International Kenya and her supporters on land use and agroecology, these women have kick-started a revolution of change. By forming five influential women’s groups, they are pioneering alternative livelihoods that go beyond their traditional animal rearing, creating a ripple effect of stability and prosperity. This isn’t just a local tale; it is an example of grassroots leadership that can inspire a country, a continent, and indeed the world. 

Joan Kasotot poses for a photo after an interview in Kitailel . 

“Following a peace training organized by ActionAid (Kenya) we (women from Pokot, Njemps and Tugen) resolved to involve our children, especially boys and men. We are molding our children, to shun retrogressive practices like cattle rustling. We are instead encouraging them to embrace alternative livelihoods like running small businesses and operating boda-boda (motorbike transport business). We are doing this ourselves to show them that it is workable, and they too can. The women already running businesses are mentoring young men and women through apprenticeship,” said Kasotot. 

She continued:

“We also insist on our children, both boys and girls to attend school to gain an education and later enroll them to colleges for training.”