Empowerment Spotlight: Sahara Ibrahim’s Leadership Journey

In the heart of Tangulbei, a transformative story unfolds where initiative and empowerment meet. Sahara Ibrahim, a former stay-at-home mother of Cushitic descent has ascended to a pivotal leadership role.  

Thanks to the efforts of ActionAid, her trajectory has shifted remarkably from a local shopkeeper to a respected voice on the Ward Committee on Climate Change.  

Sahara Ibrahim in front of her house in Tangulbei October

As our world grapples with the pressing challenges of climate change, leaders from diverse backgrounds are stepping up to make a difference. Sahara is not only representing the minority group in her community but also bringing the powerful perspective of women to the equation. As one of the three women on the seven-member committee, she is at the forefront of local climate action, ensuring that relief efforts and proposals are thoroughly vetted and advocating for sustainable solutions. 

Hailing from Tana River County and integrating among the Pokot community, she bridges diverse backgrounds, bringing a unique perspective to the seven-member committee. Her representation is crucial, not only for the minority group in Tangulbei Ward but also as one of only three women on the committee. This inclusion is a vital step towards women’s participation in decision-making processes. 

The committee is tasked to oversee all activities affecting their ward on matters of climate change. 

 “Any relief or proposals touching on climate change will come to us (the committee) to ratify or make recommendations before any action can be taken,” stated Sahara.  

Her role goes beyond advisory, as she has a critical hand in resolution, addressing complaints alongside a fellow committee member before they escalate to the county government level. This approach not only streamlines solutions but also empowers local governance. 

As Tangulbei faces the uncertainty of climate with erratic rains and the forecast of El Niño, Sahara’s story is a beacon of hope and proof of the impact of grassroots empowerment. 

Sahara has interacted with ActionAid International Kenya’s Gender Responsive Alternatives for Climate Change (GRACC) project in Tangulbei since its inception.