In Loving Memory of Sarah Musyoki

Family and friends during Sarah Musyoki’s night vigil in Kinyago, California, Nairobi County.

Last night, under a sky of solemn stars, a circle of unity formed in Kinyago, California in Nairobi County. The air was heavy with grief and the need for justice, as the leadership of ActionAid Kenya, led by our Executive Director Susan Otieno, joined hearts and hands with the family and friends of our beloved Sarah Musyoki.

The late Sarah Ndunge Musyoki

In a night vigil filled with tearful memories and soft whispers of hope, we celebrated Sarah’s radiant spirit. She was a beacon of strength within the Young Urban Women’s Movement, and just one day before she was tragically taken from us, Sarah stood shoulder to shoulder with thousands of #women, demanding a stop to the femicide that darkens the streets of our nation.

On the 31st of January 2024, Friends and family participated in a peaceful protest calling for justice for Sarah. Our online campaign paralleled this plea, reaching out across social media platforms to demand action, to call for change.

Sarah’s story is a harrowing testament to the perils that women face, she was a victim of a crime perpetrated by someone she once trusted, her ex-boyfriend. Her loss is a painful reminder of the urgency with which we must address the issue of violence against women.


As candles flickered in the night, their glow a tribute to her memory, speaker after speaker made heartfelt pleas. We need more than condolences. We need concrete actions and proactive measures. Our collective voice grows stronger, as we call on everyone to join this crucial fight for the safety and dignity of all women.

Her last moments will not be in vain. The movement is alive, and Sarah’s legacy will endure through our tireless campaign for justice and equality. We invite you all to be part of this unstoppable force. Together, we CAN and WILL make a difference.

ActionAid Kenya’s Executive Director Susan Otieno lights a candle together with ActionAid Ghana Country Director John Nkaw at Kinyago , California, Nairobi County.

Let’s keep Sarah’s memory alive. Let’s ensure a future where no woman has to march in fear for her life. Let’s amplify our voices until we live in a world free of gender violence.

Join us. Share this message. Demand #JusticeForSarah. #IamSarah #EndFemicideKE

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