Strengthening Social Movements to Counter Repression.

Social movements play a critical role in promoting change globally. Significant successes in political, social, and economic spheres are accredited to social activities. For example, in the 18th and 19th centuries, social movements were critical in calling for an end to slavery. Currently, these movements are being used to call for tremendous respect for human rights, climate justice and other social courses.

Mercy Gichengi, Programme Coordinator Youth and Governance at AAIK and Everlyne Atieno, Young Urban Women Leader, Mombasa at the Global People Power Forum.

ActionAid International Kenya joined representatives from various social movements worldwide to reflect on struggles and wins during the Global People Power Forum held at MS TCDC Arusha, Tanzania, from 5th to 10th February 2023. The forum attracted representatives from over 23 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America.

The forum highlighted the need for collective action and solidarity worldwide in building and strengthening movements and countering repression. The global people power forum was organized by the ActionAid Denmark Move team.

Authors: Ezra Kiriago (Communications Coordinator, ActionAid Kenya) and Mercy Gichengi (Programme Coordinator Youth and Governance, ActionAid Kenya)

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